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Letter to a fellow officer, 1732

Letter to a Fellow Officer

Letter to the Dowager Duchess of Hesse-Homburg, 1744

Letter to Dowager Duchess of Hesse-Homburg, page 1 Envelope for letter to Dowager Duchess of Hesse-Homburg

Anti-Machiavel, 1740

Pirated edition of Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de la maison de Brandebourg, 1750

Frederick's refutation of Il Principe Title page of History of the Brandenburg dynasty

Pirated edition of Oeuvres du Philosophe de Sans-Souci, 2 vols, 1760

Oeuvres du Philosophe de Sans-Souce

Po√ęsies diverses, 1760

Page from Frederick's book of poetry A page from Frederick's book of poetry

Authorisation of Reimbursement of Travel Expenses, 1770

Military Instructions, translated by an Officer, 1762

Travel Expenses Military Instructions written by Frederick

John Buswell, On the King of Prussia's Birth Day, 1758

Sylla, Pièce dramatique, 1753

Birthday song written for Frederick Libretto for Opera Sylla

Johann Sebastian Bach, Musicalisches Opfer, 1747

Musical Offering - title page Musical offering - page 3

1-Key Flute by Camus of Paris, c.1790

1-Key Flute by Camus of Paris, c.1790


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