Letter to a Fellow Officer, 1732

Letter to a Fellow Officer

Ă  Rupin ce 20 de Dec. 1732

Montreschér Fraire

J’ai eté aux desespoir d’aprendre par vostre enseigné
Full que vous etiéz malade mon tres cher Frere, je
crains que ce ne soit quelque maladie veneriene
et comme vous pouvéz contér sur mon amityé
et sur ma discretion je vous prie de me le faire
savoir je vous ferai avoir toute la medessine
nessesaire du Docteur Miraux de Potzdam personne
n’en saura pas un mot, et je vous assure que
vous me pouvéz confiér vostre secret, je vai
mardi Ă  Potzdam, et mecredi Ă  Berlin si
vous avéz quelque ordre à donér aux Putains
de Berlin vous n’avéz qua me le faire savoir
j’arete Ful jusqua demein j’espere que vous ne
le prendrai pas mauvéz enconsideration
de l’estime et de la parffaite amityé avec
la quelle je suis .

Mon tres cher Frere
Vostre tres fidelle
frere et serviteur

ich habe einen Recruten aus deiner Garnisson
gekrigt frage nuhr Fuhlen darum

[Translation from French:]

Ruppin, 20 Dec. 1732

My very dear Brother,

I was most sorry to learn from your ensign
Pfuhl that you were ill my very dear Brother. I
fear it may be some kind of venereal disease
and as you can count on my friendship
and on my discretion I beg you to let me
know. I will make sure you have all the necessary
medicine from Dr Miraux of Potsdam. No-one
will know a word, and I assure you that
you can confide your secret to me. I am going
to Potsdam on Tuesday, and to Berlin on Wednesday. If
you have some order to give to the Whores
of Berlin you have only to let me know.
I am keeping Pfuhl until tomorrow. I hope you will not
take it amiss in consideration
of the esteem and of the perfect friendship with
which I am,

My very dear Brother
Your most faithful
brother and servant

[Translation from German:]

I have received a recruit from your garrison.
Just ask Pfuhl about this.

[Notes: Punctuation has been added for ease of comprehension. There are no records identifying the ensign who acted as messenger, the name of which Frederick spells in three different ways; the officer referred to is likely to have been a member of the von Pfuhl family.]


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