Frederick the Great and the Republic of Letters

Round table
Joachim Tietze, Copy of Adolph Menzel: Frederick II's Round Table in Sanssouci (original painting of 1850 destroyed by fire in 1945)
Image courtesy of Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz

A Symposium

Convened by Thomas Biskup and Katrin Kohl at Jesus College, Oxford, 13-14 July 2012

For abstracts of the papers and summaries of the discussions, click on the 'more...' link beside the relevant title.

The papers will form the basis of a volume in the series SVEC, the foremost series dedicated to eighteenth-century studies.

The Convenors are grateful to the following for generously sponsoring the Symposium:

  • John Fell Fund, University of Oxford
  • Jesus College, University of Oxford
  • Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Hull
  • German History Society
  • Stiftung Preussische Schl√∂sser und G√§rten Berlin - Brandenburg


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Introduction   more...
Realm of discourse (Chair: Thomas Biskup)    more...

Frederick and the Republic of Letters

(Katrin Kohl, Oxford)


How should we read the works of a king? Frederick as self-promoter

(Andreas Peńćar, Halle)

Situating the Enlightenment (Chair: Caroline Warman)    more...

Frederick and the Berlin Enlightenment

(Iwan Michelangelo d’Aprile, Potsdam)


Frederick‚Äôs ‚Äúcercle intime‚ÄĚ: philosophy at court

(Ursula Pia Jauch, Zurich)

Exchanges (Chair: Dan Wilson)    more...

Negotiating the rules of conduct in the republic of princes and philosophers: the example of Friedrich Melchior Grimm

(Kirill Abrosimov, Augsburg)


Atlantic Frederick: cultural transfer between the Anglophone world and Friderician Prussia

(Thomas Biskup, Hull)

Mastering state and self (Chair: Kate Tunstall)   more...

Frederick, Voltaire and the anti-Machiavel tradition

(Ritchie Robertson, Oxford)


On the use and abuse of self-love: Frederick and Rousseau

(Avi Lifschitz, London)

Practitioner and patron (Chair: Katrin Kohl)   more...

Frederick and lyric poetry

(Kevin Hilliard, Oxford)


An art collector on the European stage

(Christoph Vogtherr, Wallace Collection, London)

The sword and the word (Chair: Tim Blanning)   more...

Military action and military reflection: Frederick‚Äôs ‚ÄúEl√©ments de castram√©trie et de tactique‚ÄĚ of 1770

(J√ľrgen Luh, SPSG, Potsdam)


‚ÄúLe roi historien‚ÄĚ: Frederick the Great as a writer of history

(Christopher Clark, Cambridge)

Roundtable & Discussion (Chair: Nicholas Cronk)   more...

Tim Blanning (Cambridge)
Kate Tunstall (Oxford)
Dan Wilson (London)





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